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Layovers & Quarantine

Our private facility is home to our own top level jumpers and friesians, and offers a safe layover environment for our EHT passengers while making connections during their journey. We are pleased to have a separate quarantine barn for new imports and can work with CFIA to ensure the timely clearance of your horse through quarantine. Whether making a connection, or completing quarantine, our attentive and experienced staff provide the best for your horses while in our care.

Equipped Stalls

All of our stalls are equipped with a soft stall mattress system to ensure your horse’s comfort, and stalls are fully sanitized to a medical grade between use. While in layover, we offer individual turnout in quality paddocks with oak board fencing, or horses can be put on our walker for controlled exercise.

On The Road

While on the road, we are fortunate to have various farms and vet clinics where we may also provide layovers when necessary.

Grooming Stalls

Main Barn

Quarantine Barn