15 Horse Vans
Our 15 horse vans are the ultimate mode of transportation for large stables. These vans are perfect for long distances, or pack them full to go to a nearby show. With an automated rear ramp, we can easily load golf carts, trunks, or other equipment such as carts or sulkies.

6 Horse Van
Our 6 horse van is perfect for small moves or local hauls. It is small enough to get in and out of any farm, regardless of your location! This truck still provides a superior level of comfort, as it is very roomy, and is air-ride equipped. It accomodates 6 single standing stalls, 4 double standing stalls, or 3 box stalls.

4 Horse Goosenecks
EHT also has goosenecks in the fleet for small, local hauls. This units are ideal for breedings or transporting a mare and foal.